Where to Find Free Ringtones for Your Phone

Are you looking for free ringtones for your phone? You can find them on free and legal ringtone websites such as Mobile 9, Zedge, Notification Sounds, and MyTinyPhone. These sites offer a variety of ringtones, wallpapers, themes, live wallpapers, and free games and applications for Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phones, Symbian and Java. Apple App Store users will soon be able to access these sites as well. In this post, we'll provide you with the top 10 websites with thousands of free ringtone resources. We'll also show you how to download ringtones to your iPhone or Android device step by step.

Let's get started!Zedge is one of the world's most trusted websites for downloading ringtones, wallpapers, and games. It has a huge collection of free ringtones that you can explore with the index or lists of featured, popular, and recent ringtones. The categories help you find free ringtones related to sound effects, Bollywood, message sounds, dance, comedy, vacation, and other types. Audiko is another famous community that allows users to download ringtones or create their own ringtones based on music tracks, videos, and other sounds. On Audiko you can choose from millions of free ringtones from genres such as rock, dance, rap, soundtrack, classic rock, pop, etc.

You can easily find a specific ringtone by song name or artist name or browse the national music charts to get an idea of what music you'd like to listen to every time someone calls or sends you an SMS. Audiko also has a popular ringtone application for iPhone or Android with which you can customize and download ringtones directly to your phone. Downloading and creating ringtones only takes a few seconds and you don't need any special skills or tools. Prokerala is a comprehensive website that provides you with a wide range of information and services. In the Downloads section you can find Download Ringtones. Prokerala has around 34,800 free mobile ringtones in different categories such as iPhone ringtones, message tones, Malayalam, devotional tones, etc.

Most of them are shared and sent by users of the website. The ringtones on this website are in MP3 format and are compatible with almost all mobile phones. You can download ringtones for free and use them on iPhone, Nokia mobile phones, Samsung phones, Sony Ericsson, LG phones, Motorola phones, etc. Prokerala really encourages users to share their information. You can find the Load Ringtones button on the Download Ringtones page which allows you to share your ringtone collection. MyTinyPhone offers you many personal settings and applications to personalize your iPhone or Android including ringtones, wallpapers, themes, games etc.

When it comes to free ringtones MyTinyPhone has more than a million of them that you can explore by category popularity and added data. To download ringtones there are several ways to adapt them. Step 1: Launch Ringtones Music Recorder and choose Audio Recorder. Step 2: Open the site and play the song you want to set as a ringtone. Step 3: Install the free ringtone maker for Android Step 4: Start the Ringtone Maker for FreeTone has all the collections and categories of ringtones; you can directly find and download the best or most popular ringtones without any consideration. To help you better download the free ringtones to your device you can select the model before downloading them which will display all the free ringtones that are compatible with your specific phone.

But with the third-party Ringtone Creation Tool that we recommend below I'm sure you can cut ringtones as quickly and easily as possible. To provide users with a better experience Ringtone websites are starting to develop some Ringtone apps for iPhone or Android. You can easily preview and download the popular ringtones, the best ringtones, or the latest ringtones as you want. If you can't find or download any ringtones you like online you can always create your own ringtones.

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