Where to Download Music and Set a Ringtone

Are you looking for the best apps to download songs as ringtones? Look no further! Here is a list of the top apps that will help you personalize your phone with your favorite music. ZEDGE is a great app for downloading free music and setting it as your ringtone. It offers a wide selection of songs, wallpapers, and other content that you can use to customize your phone. Jamendo is an online platform for free music downloads and legal under Creative Commons Licenses.

It has an extensive catalog of more than 500,000 songs by 40,000 artists in eight languages. Audiko is an application that helps you create free ringtones with your favorite songs. It also allows you to personalize your phone by configuring images on the home screen and the most popular ringtones as notification signals. Pimp Your Sound is great for changing the ringtones on your iPhone.

It makes it easy to search and select the song you want, and in a matter of seconds, it's your new ringtone. Advanced Download Manager (ADM) is a powerful download program for Android with advanced settings, a clean interface and extended notifications. It allows you to download files with different formats, including videos, music and images. KeepVid Android is an Android application that allows users to search for and download various videos and MP3 files from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other popular video-sharing sites.

It's more difficult to download a song for a ringtone on the iPhone than on Android, since the iPhone places a strict restriction on setting a custom ringtone. However, you can still download a song from reputable ringtone sites in your web browser and then transfer it to your Android or directly download a ringtone application for Android. Most apps in the App Store only offer ringtones, but they don't allow you to set the downloaded ringtones as a ringtone directly.

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