How to Get Music for Android Ringtones

Are you looking for new ringtones for your Android phone? Google Play is the Android equivalent of iTunes, and it's the perfect place to find songs to use as ringtones. Unlike iOS, Android doesn't limit the length of time for a ringtone, so you can set any song as your ringtone after purchasing it from the free mobile app store, Google Play. Here's how to get started. First, search for the Verizon Tones app on Google Play on your Android phone. Install it and launch it immediately. Once you're in the app, you can browse through the selection of available songs. You can filter by genre, artist, or even mood.

You can also search for specific songs or artists if you know what you're looking for. When you find a song you like, tap on it to preview it and make sure it's the right one. Once you've found the perfect song, tap on the Buy button to purchase it. You'll be able to set it as your ringtone right away. You can also set different ringtones for different contacts if you want. If you're not sure what kind of music you want, you can also browse through the selection of pre-made ringtones.

These are usually short snippets of popular songs that have been edited down to a few seconds. They're perfect if you don't want to buy a full song but still want something unique. When you're done setting up your ringtones, don't forget to save them. That way, they'll be ready to go when someone calls or texts you.

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