Where to Find Free Music for Ringtones

Are you looking for free and legal music downloads to use as ringtones? Look no further than Jamendo, an online platform with a catalog of over 500,000 songs by 40,000 artists. All of the music is licensed under Creative Commons and is available in eight languages. Jamendo is the perfect place to find music for your ringtones without having to pay for them. If you're looking for an application to help you create free ringtones with your favorite songs, Audiko is the perfect choice.

Not only can you create ringtones, but you can also personalize your phone with images on the home screen and popular ringtones as notification signals. It's great for creating ringtones based on your own music, especially if you're looking for something a bit darker than what's available elsewhere. If you're an iPhone user, Pimp Your Sound is a great way to change your ringtones. It's easy to search and select the song you want, and in a matter of seconds it will be your new ringtone.

It's the best application out there for downloading songs and installing them as a ringtone on your iPhone. For Android users, Advanced Download Manager (ADM) is a powerful download program with advanced settings, a clean interface and extended notifications. It allows you to download files with different formats, including videos, music and images. KeepVid Android is another great Android application that allows users to search for and download various videos and MP3 files from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other popular video-sharing sites.

Richard Conlon from Broadcast Music Inc. says that BMI made more money with ringtones than with anything else in the early digital days. However, the gradual decline of the ringtone and callback industry has been bittersweet for the music industry.

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